Today we launch our first program in Berlin 🚀

Why Berlin? This eclectic city hosts a vibrant start-up, tech, and a growing Salesforce ecosystem. Moreover, there is a large refugee community and initiatives like jobs4refugees, REDI School, and helping them integrate into the growing tech ecosystem. At a peak…

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The Zoom where it happened.

During the completely re-imagined and virtual Dreamforce To You 2020 (#DreamTX) last month, I was incredibly honoured to receive the Salesforce Golden Hoodie from none other than rock star slash CMO of Salesforce, Sarah Franklin. Streaming live to over 100,000 viewers around the world, I…

Winter 2020 was our largest and most diverse cohort to date.

We attempted to triple the number of participants to 30. With the onset of Covid-19 measures, came a difficult challenge for the program: going online. There are already so many digital resources and online materials available to learn Salesforce: we do not want to be another online player in a…

Eurofiber believes that societal challenges require future-proof digital solutions. In this, we are very much aligned. We believe the future of work requires people who have the digital skills necessary to power organizations in their digital transformation.

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What does it take to deliver on a such an ambitious vision?

Great people. This mutual understanding is why Eurofiber became one of our first…

Gaspar Rodriguez

Possibilist. Salesforce MVP and Golden Hoodie Winner. Co-founder @ RefugeeForce. Founder @ Blue Road.

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